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Birthdate:Jul 28
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Friend policy: Feel free to friend or unfriend me at any time. You're more likely to get friended back if you send me a note introducing yourself.

Art use policy: If a specific level of copyright is posted with a piece of art, that is the copyright that applies to all art listed in that posting. If there is no copyright policy listed, it is assumed that I reserve all rights to that art unless I give written permission otherwise to someone. I am generally willing to give permission to people to use my art for non profit derivative works if asked nicely through private message. Please send me a note if you see something you like that you wish to turn into an icon, banner, or whatnot, and I will tell you if it is available for your purposes. I don't bite, I promise. Art is generally only not available when it has been promised to a specific person as an exclusive gift.

Commenting on art policy: Can you critique my art? Sure, please do. Please try to focus on constructive critique rather than flaming or bashing. Thank you.

Challenges policy: If you see a post that "challenges" you to prompt in some way, please feel free to join in. These posts are not aimed exclusively at any particular set of people, but rather, open to all who wander by, new or old, known or not. Open challenges can be found via the tag "open challenge". Previous closed challenges can be found via "closed challenges". All responses to challenges can be found in the comments of each challenge posting.
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